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What Can We Do For You?

Kenettek is a proven high technology solution provider - not only involving a broad array of Microsoft products, but also in a broader context of systems functions, analysis, design, development, integration and enhancement.

We Are Problem Solvers

Innovative, Aggressive and Growing

We are looking for similarly insightful and driven businesses, desiring advanced and proven networking & systems assistance.

On A Project Basis

We design and integrate networks, hardware, and software to establish, expand, and enhance your current capabilities.

We have a highly successful retainer program providing analysis and assessment engineering to resolve system and component inefficiencies immediately and often preemptively, and to reduce total cost of ownership.

Straight-forward guidelines

  • Assert the need for trust and respect among management, employees, and customers.
  • Maintain clear communication, client rapport, and professional standards.
  • Foster an atmosphere of personal and professional growth.
  • Safeguard business information and individual points of view.

Four basic goals

  • Position Kenettek as a market leader.
  • Devise the best business solutions for each customer.
  • Implement and integrate those solutions.
  • Provide knowledge and tools necessary for customer self-sufficiency.

Clear vision of the future

Enabling us to have risk identification and quality assurance. We seek and deliver enduring state-of-the-art solutions designed for ease-of-use and cost efficiency.

We are committed to ensuring a valued relationship with our customers for they drive Kenettek's success.

In the end, the customer is our boss, quality is our aim, and value is our reward.

Effective management

  • Selection & Compatibility
    • We build solutions that fit your needs.
    • We choose equipment and systems that match your budget and requirements.
  • Availability & Reliability
    • We offer 24 X 7 support.
  • Remote Administration
    • With the time critical nature business has become we have full support options allowing near real time support from across the street to around the world
  • Support Agreements
    • With our Support agreements, you have planned and regular service to keep your systems up to date and prevents down time.

Proven methodology

  • Pre-planning
    • full client participation including awareness of goals & milestones
    • problem identification and risk assessment
    • project scheduling evaluated for cost estimation and time constraints
  • Implementation
    • managed for timely completion and budget compliance
    • systematic and comprehensive problem solving
    • onsite evaluation, installation, and examination of solutions
  • Assessment
    • verification that solutions are integrated and goals are accomplished
    • client meetings assuring that goals are met, problems are solved, and questions are answered
    • ongoing client communication including retaining services, consulting, and project reassessment


  • We hold meetings with each customer assuring that goals are met, problems are solved, and questions are answered. To ensure continuing customer satisfaction, we maintain open client communication for consulting, project reassessment, and integration of future solutions.

Issue Resolution

  • We solve problems systematically and comprehensively. Throughout evaluation, installation, and integration of solutions, we manage on & offsite for timely completion and budget compliance.

Scheduling & Response

  • We quickly adapt to our customer's schedule while still providing time & cost estimation based on our experience and knowledge.

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Email: info@kenettek.com

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