Effective management

  • Selection & Compatibility
    • We build solutions that fit your needs.
    • We choose equipment and systems that match your budget and requirements.
  • Availability & Reliability
    • We offer 24 X 7 support.
  • Remote Administration
    • With the time critical nature business has become we have full support options allowing near real time support from across the street to around the world
  • Support Agreements
    • With our Support agreements, you have planned and regular service to keep your systems up to date and prevents down time.

Proven methodology

  • Pre-planning
    • full client participation including awareness of goals & milestones
    • problem identification and risk assessment
    • project scheduling evaluated for cost estimation and time constraints
  • Implementation
    • managed for timely completion and budget compliance
    • systematic and comprehensive problem solving
    • onsite evaluation, installation, and examination of solutions
  • Assessment
    • verification that solutions are integrated and goals are accomplished
    • client meetings assuring that goals are met, problems are solved, and questions are answered
    • ongoing client communication including retaining services, consulting, and project reassessment

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